The Standard for Correct Name Pronunciations

Add audio name pronunciations to your healthcare website.

With the Ear It application from The Name Engine®, providing physician name pronunciations is quick, easy and accurate.

Visitors won't just see correct pronunciations–they'll actually hear them. Here's a sample: Sam Puhl, MD

Why Ear It?

  • Enables prospective patients to learn and confidently speak physician name pronunciations
  • Assures colleagues, nurses, administrators and vendors that they are using the correct name pronunciation
  • Promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within your organization

Healthcare Name Pronunciation

Easy to Implement

A simple script is placed within the html of the “Find a Doctor” pages on your website, activating the Ear It functionality.

Fully Customizable

Audio pronunciation files can be created by The Name Engine voice talent, your own voice talent or the individuals themselves.

User Friendly

Pop-up box enables visitors to access both the written and audio pronunciation without having to leave the page or open a new tab.

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